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Pastor's message

2018 March message

When I was a kid, my mother and I made frequent trips to the first floor of the May Company Department Store. Dad waited for us in the car. After I got my driver’s license, dad got to stay home.

The first floor is where they kept the greeting cards. And that was where I learned important lessons in kindness and patience, faithfulness and goodness, “fruits of the spirit” referred to in Galatians 5:22-23.

Mom taught kindness by sending out cards for any and every occasion. She was faithful, never forgetting a family member or friend. And she took extra time, making sure that each card had a message that made you smile and feel good all over. After signing them in her beautiful cursive penmanship, she would send me out to the mailbox with a stack.

This time of year, we made many trips to the May Co. with Valentine’s Day cards giving way to Easter cards. In between, the displays turned emerald green. Mom particularly loved to send St. Patrick’s Day cards. It must have been in her Welsh-Irish blood.

As a missionary in the late 5th century, St. Patrick taught kindness and patience, in bringing Christianity to Ireland. He was faithful to his calling, returning there after escaping as a slave.

According to Wikipedia, “by the seventh century, St. Patrick already came to be revered as the patron saint of Ireland,” an indication of how good he was to the people, and how he never forgot them.

Have you ever sent St. Patrick’s Day cards to your loved ones? If you haven’t, why not send some out this year, whether you’re Irish or not. And while you’re at it, bring your child, gr andchild, niece or nephew along, to help you pick them out and read the messages.

A great way to greet the spring is by planting seeds of kindness, patience, faithfulness and goodness in these little ones, and in everyone we meet. Then stand back and watch them grow in Christ’s love. It will make you smile, like getting a greeting card with a good message from a good person.

Rev. Mark Katrick